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Haiti - Bulletin d'analyse approfondie des marches, 2011

Haiti - Bulletin d'analyse approfondie des marches, 2011

WFP Bangladesh Country Strategy

This Country Strategy sets out WFP's approach in Bangladesh to achieve significant gains in reducing hunger and undernutrition over the next 5 to 10 years. It places a strong emphasis on...

WFP Bangladesh Annual Report 2010

WFP achieved significant progress in Bangladesh in 2010, assisting 3.5 million beneficiaries with food and cash based activities. Overall, the programme cost US$82 million, which included US$23...

Sri Lanka - A Food Security Assessment Report, April 2011

This report presents the results of an in-depth study of food security in Sri Lanka, a country emerging from decades of violent conflict and still recovering from the worst flooding in recent history...

Follow-up Emergency Food Security Assessment in the Kyrgyz Republic, Autumn 2011

Since July 2009, WFP carries out regular assessments in the Kyrgyz Republic to gauge the level of food security of the poorest people across the country. WFP carries out assessments during so called...

Philippines - Monthly Price and Food Security Updates, 2011

Philippines - Monthly Price and Food Security Updates, 2011

Sudan - Food Security Monitoring System, 2011

The purpose of this Food Security Monitoring System is to provide the Humanitarian community with regular updates of the food security situation.

Niger - Enquete conjointe sur la vulnerabilite a l'insecurite alimentaire des menages, November 2011

Comparée aux années précédentes, la méthodologie de l’enquête nationale conjointe sur la vulnérabilité à l’insécurité alimentaire des ménages au Niger conduite en novembre 2011 n’a...

Ethiopia - Monthly Market Watch, 2011

Ethiopia - Monthly Market Watch, 2011

Madagascar - Comprehensive Food and Nutrition Security and Vulnerability Analysis, November 2011

The survey’s primary objectives are to: Provide an accurate and detailed assessment of the current food and nutrition security situation Assess the causes and risk factors for food and...