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occupied Palestinian territory - Food Security and Market Monitoring, 2010

WFP Food Security and Market Monitoring Report provides up-to-date information on access and availability of basic food commodities in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt).

Sudan - Food Security Monitoring System, 2010

The purpose of this Food Security Monitoring System is to provide the Humanitarian community with regular updates of the food security situation.

Tajikistan - Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC), 2010

This report measures the overall food security situation using IPC to measure food security indicators.

2012 - Cash and Vouchers Fact Sheet

Cash and vouchers are a central part of broader social protection and safety net systems. Cash transfers provide beneficiaries with money, whilst vouchers can be used to purchase food for a given...

Indonesia Country Sheet - June 2010

Significant strategic changes are now underway at WFP Indonesia. The emphasis will be on a twin-track approach, addressing immediate hunger while tackling root causes of hunger as well in a...

P4P Country Programme Profiles

Learn more details about the specific approaches in the P4P pilot countries.

The nutritional status of school-aged children: Why should we care?

The attached document contains the appendices to the WFP/UFHRI publication 'The nutritional status of school-aged children: Why should we care?' which appeared in the Food and Nutrition Bulletin in...

The 2010 Long Rains Season Assessment Report

A collaborative report of the Kenya Food Security Steering Group (KFSSG): Office of the President (Ministry of State for Special Programmes); Office of the Prime Minister (Ministry of...

Opening Statement to the Executive Board; Rome, Italy (08/11/10)

"...FAO last week announced that its Food Price Index in October hit the highest level in 27 months and prices are just a few points away from the record highs of 2008, with increases in global...

Profile: Kafulu Association

The main crops of this Malawian farmer organization are maize, beans, groundnuts, soya, cowpeas, and tobacco. Kafulu Association has a membership of 1,300 farmers (885 males and 415 females).