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Bhutan - Food Security Assessment, June 2005

Food insecurity here is analyzed in terms of availability of food, access to food and utilization of food. Availability of food generally refers to production and physical availability of food in a...

Emergency Food Security Assessment Handbook - Communication Brief

Brief presenting the first edition of the Emergency Food Security Assessment Hanndbook (2005).

Emergency Food Security Analysis (EFSA) Handbook - first edition, 2005 - in English, French & Spanish

This is the first edition of the EFSA Handbook, released in 2005. It is meant as a companion handbook to the second edition (2009). The complete Handbook is downloadable in two parts, and is offered...

Gender - Thematic Guidelines: Integrating a Gender Perspective into Vulnerability Analysis, March 2005

Read up on these practical recommendations on how to better collect and report on gender in your next food security assessment.  This 2005 guide focuses on providing practical recommendations on...