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Thematic guideline: Household Food Security Profiles

Guidelines explaining the comprehensive nature of the data collected through household surveys and which provide useful insights into the characteristics of food secure, insecure and vunerable...

Study on WFP follow-up evaluation recommendations

Following the preparation of WFP’s evaluation policy, presented to the Board in October 2003, and discussions in WFP concerning the importance of learning, the Office of Evaluation felt the...

Occasional Paper 15 - Widening the 'Window of Hope' - Using Food Aid to Improve Access to Education for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Sub-Saharan Africa - R. Landis (2004)

We hear it over and over. It seems as though every new report released, every article published and every speech delivered, decries the fact that a generation of development gains is being wiped out...

Thematic Guidelines - Guidelines for the Use of Nutritional Information in VAM

The Guidelines provide directions on the use of nutritional information in food security and vulnerability analysis.