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Ethiopia - Food Security and Vulnerability in Selected Urban Areas, September 2009

The food security and vulnerability study for urban Ethiopia has largerly been necessiated by the new increased food insecurity stemming largely from the global economic downturn and high food prices...

Annual Evaluation Report 2009

The Annual Evaluation Report for 2009 focuses on activities WFP undertakes to support its core strength of responding to emergencies: preparedness and assessments on one end, and recovery work at the...

Chad - Emergency Food Security Assessment of Drought-Affected Population, May 2010

An Emergency Food Security Assessment (EFSA) was implemented from 10 to 27 March 2010 in six regions to allow WFP and its partners to have precise information for the geographical targeting of the...

Togo - Enquete rapide sur la securite alimentaire des ménages, Avril 2010

Togo - Enquete rapide sur la securite alimentaire des ménages, Avril 2010

Opening Remarks to the WFP Executive Board; Rome, Italy (07/06/10)

With your support, we stand firmly on the foundation of profound reforms and will consider at this Board new financial improvements that have made us better prepared, better positioned and better...

Evaluation Report of Egypt – CP 10450.0 (2007-2011)‘Enabling Livelihoods, Nutrition and Food Security’

The Egypt Country Programme is the only WFP operation ongoing in Egypt and it follows a number of earlier country programmes.  The overall aim of the CP is to strengthen capacity to reduce...

Philippines - Emergency Food Security Assessment: Luzon Typhoons and Floods, May 2010

In terms of household food consumption scores, an interesting finding from the EFSA was that though the majority of households reported an acceptable food consumption pattern, a significant minority...

Myanmar - An Analysis of the Food Security Situation in Selected Areas Across Kokang, May 2010

WFP’s partners and the IO / NGO community are particularly encouraged to address the problem of low access to key agricultural inputs.

Myanmar - An Analysis of Markets Across Magway Division, May 2010

Information was collected from markets in twenty townships across the Magway area. Information was collected on the availability of various foods in the market both historically and currently.