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Bangladesh - The Food Security Atlas, December 2004

The Food Security Atlas of Bangladesh has been prepared as the final product of a collaborative effort between the Planning Commission, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics and the UN World Food Programme...

Afghanistan - Report on Findings from the 2003 National Risk and Vulnerability in Rural Afghanistan, December 2004

This report presents data in two ways; by wealth group, or socio-economic profiling breakdowns in the text, and provincial means in the annexes. Most of the report consists of descriptive statistics...

Nepal - Food Security Bulletins, 2004

The Food Security Bulletin is published on a quarterly basis by WFP. It contains an up-to-date account of the food security sitution in Nepal. Household food security is assessed based on a large...

Thematic Guidelines - Sampling Guidelines for Vulnerability Analysis

Guidance on choosing appropriate sampling methods for conducting food security and vulnerability studies.

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