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Humanitarian Assistance in Conflict and Complex Emergencies

The June 2009 Conference on Humanitarian Assistance in Conflict and Complex Emergencies generated two days of rich discussions, culminating in a set of actionable steps and ways forward. This report...

WFP in Myanmar 2009 Annual Review

This Report provides insight into the work and achievements of WFP in Myanmar during 2009.  It details the modalities used to deliver food support to those in need, as well as the partnerships...

Myanmar - An Analysis of the Food Security Situation in Selected Areas across Taunggyi, August 2010

The findings of this survey underline the findings noted in the joint WFP-UNDP Rapid Assessment of the Potential Impact of Delayed Rains on Harvests carried out in the first week of June.

Cameroun - Evaluation rapide de la securite alimentaire des populations refugiees et hotes des regions de l'Adamaoua et de l'Est du Cameroun, August 2010

The overall objective of this study is to have a comprehensive and thorough understanding of the food security situation in areas occupied by the CAR refugees in Cameroon and formulate an...

Ethiopia - Cross Border Trade, 2010

The objective of the monitoring is to provide quantitative and qualitative information for food security analysis. The monitoring includes both formal and informal cross border trades of important...

Chad - Evaluation rapide de la securite alimentaire des populations refugiees, deplacees, retournees et hotes de l'est du Tchad, August 2010

The main objective of this rapid assessment is to analyse and to update the information on the food security of the refugees population including, displaced, returned and hosts.

Kyrgyzstan - Emergency Food Security Assessment, August 2010

This rapid assessment measures the overall food security situation using food access and availability indicators.

Lao PDR - 2009 Annual Report

WFP aims to assist the Government of Lao PDR in reaching the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and lifting the country from the rank of Least Developed Countries by 2020. Universal food security...

Mid-Term Evaluation of the Ethiopia Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation 10665.0 (2008-2010)

The Ethiopia Mid-Term Evaluation of the Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation examines the relevance, results and factors explaining the operation’s performance in 2008 and 2009. The...