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Uganda - A Collaborative Emergency Food Needs Assessment, November 2000

This report provides both the initial design phase and reflects back on the EFNA experience after completion of field data collection, and begins the process of further development and improvement of...

Evaluation of Indonesia EMOP 6006.00 - Emergency Assistance to Drought Victims

The initial one-year emergency operation (EMOP), a response to drought and economic crisis, centred on food for work (FFW) in rural areas and vulnerable group feeding (VGF).

Mid-Term Evaluation of the Malawi Country Programme (1998-2001)

The goal of the evaluation was to assess whether the Country Programme Approach has been an effective tool for preparing and implementing WFP assistance to national development and relief programmes.

Mid-Term Evaluation of the Egypt Country Programme (1998-2001)

Despite a marked improvement in a range of economic indicators, the conditions of the poor in Egypt and their numbers have remained static. The Country Programme (CP) for Egypt, approved by the...

Evaluation of the Regional EMOP Kosovo 6040 - Food Assistance to Kosovar Internally Displaced Persons and Refugees in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Albania and the Former Yugoslavia Republic of Macedonia

The report covers the WFP Kosovo operation during the crucial period from September 1998 to July 1999. It describes WFP’s assistance during three phases: September 1998 to March 1999, with WFP...

Informe Final de la Evaluacion de la Cartera de Proyectos del PMA en Peru

The results obtained by the WFP portfolio have not been uniformly effective, but generally speaking they have been positive since they have responded to some of the Government’s priorities and...

Evaluation of Cambodia PRRO 6038 Food Aid for Recovery and Rehabilitation

Protracted relief and recovery operation (PRRO) Cambodia 6038.00 provides unique geographical coverage of targeted communes in all but one of Cambodia’s 23 provinces.

Evaluation of China EMOP 6045 -Emergency Food Aid to Flood Affected People in Anhui, Hubei and Jiangxi Provinces of China

This participatory evaluation assessed the added value of WFP emergency assistance in the context of a strong government disaster response and drew lessons for future emergency operations (EMOPs).

Informe Final de la Evaluacion del Programa en el Pais - Guatemala

The main aim of the evaluation was to determine in what way the Country Programme (CP) constitutes a valid tool for planning and implementation of WFP activities and to analyse whether it could...