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Technical Guidance Sheet No.3 - Analysing Food Aid Dependency and Disincentive Effects in EFSA

Guidance on how to identify, monitor and interpret the indicators and thresholds that should trigger an EFSA in slow-onset crises, focusing on factors that indicate when an EFSA is necessary in...

Technical Guidance Sheet No.13 - Short Guide to Applying the National Response Capacity Matrix

Guidance to provide a quick overview and understanding of the Capacity Response Matrix - a tool to analyse national capacities to responses to food security crises.

Technical Guidance Sheet No.14 - Strengthening Rapid Food and Nutrition Security Assessment

Guidance clarifying the objectives of rapid integrated food and nutrition security assessments, and providing options and advice for carrying them out.

Comprehensive Food Security & Vulnerability Analysis (CFSVA) Guidelines - First Edition, 2009

The Comprehensive Food Security & Vulnerability Analysis (CFSVA) is a unique tool designed to understand and describe the profiles of food-insecure and vulnerable households, identify the root...

Manuel d'évaluation de la sécurité alimentaire en situation d'urgence (EFSA) - deuxième édition, 2009

Ce Manuel doit servir à évaluer les besoins des populations résidentes et déplacées victimes d’une situation d’urgence ou d’une crise prolongée, à la suite d’une catastrophe...

FAO/WFP Joint Guidelines for Crop and Food Security Assessment Missions (CFSAMs), 2009

Guidelines on joint FAO/WFP missions conducted at the request of governments to validate the crop and food security situation estimates, while crops are still in the fields. The missions analyse the...

Manual para la evaluación de la seguridad alimentaria en emergencias (ESAE) - segunda edicion, 2009

Este manual està concebido para el uso en situaciones de emergencia o crisis prolongadas causadas ya sea por desastres naturales repentinos, sequía, enfermedades, crisis económica o conflictos y...

Emergency Food Security Assessment Handbook (EFSA) - Second Edition, 2009

This Handbook is intended for use when an Emergency Food Security Assessment (EFSA) is conducted in emergency situations or protracted crises, whether due to sudden natural disasters, disease,...

Food Security Assessment Accuracy Checklist

Checklist to estimate the estimate the level of accuracy of a food security assessment.

Technical Guidance Sheet - Urban Food Security & Nutrition

Guidance for addressing substantive and methodological issues associated with conducting food and nutrition security assessments in urban areas.