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Emergency Food Security Assessment Handbook (EFSA) - Second Edition, 2009

This Handbook is intended for use when an Emergency Food Security Assessment (EFSA) is conducted in emergency situations or protracted crises, whether due to sudden natural disasters, disease,...

Food Security Assessment Accuracy Checklist

Checklist to estimate the estimate the level of accuracy of a food security assessment.

UNHCR/WFP Joint Assessment Missions (JAM) Guidelines, 2008

JAMs have been conducted in collaboration with UNHCR since 1994 to understand the situation, profiles and needs of refugees, internally displaced people (IDPs) and host populations, in particular...

Technical Guidance Sheet - Urban Food Security & Nutrition

Guidance for addressing substantive and methodological issues associated with conducting food and nutrition security assessments in urban areas.

National Response Capacity Matrix: for Analysing National Capacity to Respond to Food Security Crises

This matrix is intended to be used in conjunction with the guidance offered in Technical Guidance Sheet (TGS) no.13 - "Short Guide to Applying the National Response Capacity Matrix". A...

Technical Guidance Sheet - Food Consumption Analysis: Calculation and Use of the Food Consumption Score in Food Security Analysis

Guidance presenting the standard use of the Food Consumption Score as part of VAM or VAM-supported food consumption and food security analysis, as well as background and explanation of the...

Technical Guidelines - HIV/AIDs Analysis: Integrating HIV/AIDS in Food Security and Vulnerability Analysis

Guidance on how to include issues related to HIV/AIDS in the food security and vulnerability analyses conducted by WFP.

The Coping Strategies Index: Field Methods Manual 2nd Edition, January 2008

Measuring food insecurity is a costly and complicated exercise. In highly food insecure countries operational agencies need regular measurements for monitoring changes and for assessing the impact of...

Market Analysis Tool: Market Integration

A market analysis tool used to look at the degrees of integration of markets, and how this can affect food availability and food price stability.

Market Analysis Tool: Terms of Trade

A market analysis tool used to examine how terms of trade provide information on the variation of the purchasing power of households and thus contributes to the identification of appropriate crisis-...