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Market Analysis Tool: Terms of Trade

A market analysis tool used to examine how terms of trade provide information on the variation of the purchasing power of households and thus contributes to the identification of appropriate crisis-...

Market Analysis Tool: Shock Scenarios

A market analysis tool used to run scenarios which can help anticipate the effect of a market shock on the food security of different livelihood groups.

Market Analysis Tool: Price and Income Elasticities

A market anlysis tool used to examine how food consumption is affected by market elasticities, and how these measure how quantities demanded will adjust in response to a price or income change, or...

Market Analysis Tool: Import Parity Price

A market analysis tool used to help in understanding whether or not a national market is integrated into regional or world markets.

Emergency Food Security Assessment Handbook - Communication Brief

Brief presenting the first edition of the Emergency Food Security Assessment Hanndbook (2005).

Emergency Food Security Analysis (EFSA) Handbook - first edition, 2005 - in English, French & Spanish

This is the first edition of the EFSA Handbook, released in 2005. It is meant as a companion handbook to the second edition (2009). The complete Handbook is downloadable in two parts, and is offered...

Thematic guideline: Household Food Security Profiles

Guidelines explaining the comprehensive nature of the data collected through household surveys and which provide useful insights into the characteristics of food secure, insecure and vunerable...

Thematic Guidelines - Integrating a Gender Perspective into Vulnerability Analysis

Guidance focusing on providing practical recommendations on how to modify primary data collection tools used for comprehensive vulnerability and food security studies in order to incorporate a gender...

Thematic Guidelines - Guidelines for the Use of Nutritional Information in VAM

The Guidelines provide directions on the use of nutritional information in food security and vulnerability analysis.

Thematic guideline: Integrating “livelihoods” into Food Security and Vulnerability Analysis: some initial guidance

This guideline document defines the different dimensions of household livelihoods and explains their importance in understanding household vulnerability and links to food insecurity, highlighting the...