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2013 - Building resilience through asset creation

Building resilience is about concerted efforts to enhance the capacities, assets and systems of the most vulnerable households, communities and countries to prepare for, withstand and bounce back...

Strategic Evaluation of WFP'S Pilot Purchase for Progress Initiative (2008–2013)

The summative final evaluation of the WFP’s Purchase for Progress (P4P) pilot initiative (2008–2013), assessed the quality and results of the initiative and the extent these received can...

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC): an evaluation of WFP's Portfolio (2009-2013)

This country portfolio evaluation covers the period 2009-2013 of one of WFP’s largest portfolios. It assessed: a) alignment and strategic positioning; b) quality and drivers of strategic...

WFP Malawi September 2013 Newsletter

WFP Malawi's September edition of its bi-monthly newsletter

Purchase for Progress (P4P) Fourth Annual Consultation Report

In January 2013, 98 World Food Programme (WFP) staff and 99 partners from 25 countries gathered at the headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Rome, Italy...

P4P Gender

 P4P seeks to facilitate fair and full inclusion of male and female smallholder farmers participating in the initiative and foster equal opportunity to benefit from their participation. This...

WFP Gender Policy: A Policy Evaluation

The evaluation covers WFP’s 2009 Policy for “Promoting Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women in Addressing Food and Nutrition Challenges” and its associated Corporate Action...

P4P Annual Consultation - Executive Summary

The Fourth P4P Annual Consultation was held in Rome in late January, with almost 200 participants from 25 countries.

Nicaragua: Newsletter No. 2

Newsletter containing the most recent activities of WFP in Nicaragua.

P4P Monthly Updates - 2013

Every month the P4P team produces a handy PDF outlining all the key developments in this innovative five-year pilot programme to connect smallholder farmers to markets.