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Nicaragua: Newsletter No. 2

Newsletter containing the most recent activities of WFP in Nicaragua.

P4P Monthly Updates - 2013

Every month the P4P team produces a handy PDF outlining all the key developments in this innovative five-year pilot programme to connect smallholder farmers to markets.

Report from the 4th P4P Technical Review Panel

The Fourth Technical Review Panel meeting (TRP) meeting, bringing together nine experts on agricultural economics, market development and M&E who have served in an advisory capacity to WFP since...

Central America: An evaluation of WFP's Regional Portfolio (2007 - 2011)

The Office of Evaluation introduces for the first time a Regional Portfolio Evaluation (RPE).  The Central America RPE (2007-2011) covers the regional operations in the following four MIC...

2012 - WFP's Safety Nets Policy

The nature and volume of its activities demonstrate WFP’s leading role as a global practitioner in internationally defined safety nets.

Republic of Congo: An evaluation of WFP's portfolio (2009–2012)

This country portfolio evaluation managed by the WFP Office of Evaluation covers the period 2009-12 and assessed: a) alignment and strategic positioning; b) drivers of strategic decisions; and c)...

WFP Malawi - Purchase for Progress

In Malawi, WFP distributes food to targeted people in food deficit areas, refugee camps, schools and health centres. In 2011, WFP distributed 23,500 mt of assorted commodities in country....

Report from P4P Monitoring and Evaluation technical meeting 2011

In April 2011, WFP convened a two day meeting in Washington, D.C., USA to discuss various aspects of the local and regional procurement of food. The participants represented a range of stakeholders...

Reaffirming WFP's commitment to pro-smallholder food procurement

WFP's new Executive Director Ertharin Cousin reaffirms WFP's commitment to continuously and increasingly buy food for its operations in a smallholder-friendly way.

P4P Annual Review Reports

WFP staff and partners gather for the global Purchase for Progress (P4P) Annual Reviews to collectively review progress and discuss key lessons learnt during P4P implementation.