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E-vouchers for Food Security

This paper discusses the lessons learned from WFP programmes using e-vouchers and expounds on their use for greater impact in improving food security for vulnerable populations in India.

OECD-DAC/UNEG Peer Review of the Evaluation Function of the UN World Food Programme (2008-2013)

The independent Peer Review of WFP’s evaluation function was conducted between January 2013 - January 2014 to assess the independence, credibility and utility of WFP’s evaluation function...

The Market Monitor

This bulletin provides information on price changes for the most commonly consumed staples and their potential impacts on the cost of the basic food basket.

Myanmar - Food Security Update, 2014

Monthly food security updates outline the key events occurring throughout Myanmar that are currently impacting the food security situation. By focusing on these events, it is possible to highlight...

Kyrgyz Republic - Monthly Price and Food Security Update, 2014

The purpose of this monthly update is to provide near to real time insights into the rapidly changing food security environment, particularly food price and its impact at the household level.

Sudan - Darfur: Market Assessment, April 2014

WFP has been using voucher assistance in Darfur since 2011 and has progressively expanded the use of cash and vouchers since then. In 2014, WFP planned to further expand its activities to several new...

Price Analysis Methods

The documents posted below describe various analytical methods for food price analysis. These include the indicators of the WFP Market Monitor as well as the Alert for Price Spikes (ALPS).

Sri Lanka - Rapid Drought Impact Assessment: Food Security and Livelihoods Affected by Erratic Weather, April 2014

The Maha 2014 drought seriously damaged agricultural production and is threatening to significantly limit the upcoming yala harvest. Three consecutive years of natural disasters has undermined...

Jordan - Economic Impact Study: Direct and Indirect Impact of the WFP Food Voucher Programme, April 2014

The response to the Syrian crisis in Jordan is becoming increasingly more sophisticated with the implementation at scale of WFP’s food voucher programme. This study offers insights into the...

Rakhine Operational Brief

Rakhine Operational Brief