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Haiti DEV 200150 Support for the National School Meals Programme: An Operation Evaluation

The evaluation covers WFP’s development project (DEV) 200150 “Support for the National School Meals Programme” (January 2012-June 2014). It was intended for both accountability and...

Fact Sheet - School Feeding Programmes in Guinea

In Guinea, 72 precent of the rural schools (3,501 schools) are particularly vulnerable and in need of a school feeding programme. WFP provided in 2013 school meals to 735 rural schools...

Uganda: an evaluation of WFP's Portfolio (2009-2013)

This country portfolio evaluation covered WFP’s portfolio in Uganda from 2009 to 2013 under the 2009–2014 country strategy and assessed: i) alignment and strategic positioning; ii)...

Indonesia: an evaluation of WFP’s Portfolio (2009-2013)

The Indonesia portfolio evaluation covered WFP operations during 2009-2013, and the 2011-2015 Country Strategy Document. WFP made important strategic choices, highly relevant to Indonesia’s...

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC): an evaluation of WFP's Portfolio (2009-2013)

This country portfolio evaluation covers the period 2009-2013 of one of WFP’s largest portfolios. It assessed: a) alignment and strategic positioning; b) quality and drivers of strategic...

WFP Bangladesh Annual Report 2012

Throughout 2012 and 2013, WFP continued to engage in dialogue, evidence creation, food security and nutrition programmes, and capacity support to the Government of Bangladesh to help the poorest of...


School Feeding Factsheet.

Technical Assistance To The Namibian School Feeding System

Technical Assistance The The Namibian School Feeding System

WFP Malawi September 2013 Newsletter

WFP Malawi's September edition of its bi-monthly newsletter

WFP Nicaragua Newsletter No. 4

Newsletter containing the most recent activities of WFP in Nicaragua.