• Syria - Food Security Bulletins

    Syria - mVAM Bulletin 14: Food prices fall as food accessibility improves in eastern Ghouta, Madaya and Deir-ez-Zor, May 2017 Lower food prices decrease the prevalence of inadequate food...

  • Syria - Market Price Watch, 2017

    National average cost of standard food basket has generally declined on a monthly basis, since January 2017. Mainly on account of slightly better food supply to the markets and lower demand of...

  • Lesotho - mVAM Monitoring

    In May 2016, mVAM launched in Lesotho. Data collection began in June 2016, with food security data collected from traders and households, using both in-house operators and a commercial call center....

  • Annual Evaluation Report 2016

    The WFP Office of Evaluation's 2016 Annual Evaluation Report (AER) is the first annual report produced under the Evaluation Policy (2016–2021), which aims to strengthen WFP’s...

  • Conducting Mobile Surveys Responsibly: A Field Book for WFP Staff, May 2017

    The field book outlines the main risks for staff engaged in mobile data collection and helps promote responsible data collection/storage/sharing in the very complex environment in which WFP operates.

  • Niger - mVAM Monitoring

    Since January 2015, WFP Niger is has been piloting the use of voice surveys in Abala camp, home to refugees from Mali. Activities are implemented in partnership with UNHCR and ACTED.

  • Pakistan - Market Price Bulletin, 2017

    This report measures the Market conditions using International prices, domestic prices and availability other market indicators.

  • Immediate Response Account (IRA) Update

    The Immediate Response Account (IRA) is the World Food Programme's (WFP) life-saving funding facility, which allows WFP to rapidly respond to emergencies. IRA-financed assistance can be deployed...

  • Nigeria - Market Monitoring Report, 2017

    Nigeria - Market Monitoring Report, 2017

  • Ethiopia - Monthly Market Watch, 2017

    Ethiopia - Monthly Market Watch, 2017