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Pakistan - Food Security Bulletins, 2014

The Pakistan Food Security Bulletin is produced by the Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping (VAM) Unit of the World Food Programme as a contribution to periodic food security monitoring in the country.

Afghanistan - Market Price Bulletins, 2014

This monthly bulletin is published based on market data from different sources and aims to alert on latest developments.  Based on consumption patterns in Afghanistan, it includes data of wheat...

Yemen - Monthly Market Watch, 2014

Yemen - Monthly Market Watch, 2014

République de Guinée - Impact de la maladie à virus Ebola sur l'agriculture et la sécurité alimentaire, Decembre 2014

En mars 2014, la Guinée déclare être touchée par la maladie à virus Ebola (MVE) qui a fait plusieurs centaines de victimes (plus de 1900 cas au 12 novembre 2014) et provoqué 1174 décès (61 % des cas...

Pakistan - Market Price Bulletin, 2014

This report measures the Market conditions using International prices, domestic prices and availability other market indicators.

Nepal - Market Watch, 2014

The Market Watch is a monthly publication produced jointly by: WFP - World Food Programme MoAD - Department of Agriculture, Agribusiness Promotion and Marketing Development Directorate (ABPMDD)...

Ethiopia - Monthly Market Watch, 2014

Ethiopia - Monthly Market Watch, 2014

Guinea - Special mVAM Bulletin #8: Negative coping levels high in Forest Guinea and Upper Guinea, December 2014

Despite the ongoing harvest, households continue to rely on negative coping mechanisms, especially in Forest Guinea and Upper Guinea. Nonetheless, households in Forest Guinea are employing fewer...

Uganda - Monthly Market Monitor, 2014

The Uganda Market price Update is produced by the Assessments, Monitoring and Evaluation (AME) Unit of the World Food Programme Uganda on a monthly basis. Price data collected by staff at WFP Sub...

2014 - Food Security Climate Resilience Facility (FoodSECuRE)

FoodSECuRE is a multilateral, multi-year, replenishable fund designed to financially and programmatically support community-centred action to reinforce and build climate resilience.