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2015 - WFP and Nutrition

Find out why nutrition interventions are an important component of integrated services for mothers and children, and what WFP is doing in this area.

WFP Myanmar: Kachin State Operational Brief

Kachin is the northern State of Myanmar, bordering with the People’s Republic of China in the north and east, Shan State in the south and Sagaing Region and India in the west. The majority of...

Haiti PRRO 200618 Strengthening Emergency Preparedness and Resilience: An Operation Evaluation. Terms of Reference

The terms of reference of the Operation Evaluation of the Haiti PRRO 200618 aim to inform stakeholders about the evaluation, clarify expectations and requirements and guide the evaluation team in its...

Kenya - Food Security and Outcome Monitoring, 2015

WFP’s household food security and outcome monitoring looks at food security indicators among beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries across the livelihood zones.

South Sudan - Market Price Monitoring, 2015

South Sudan - Market Price Monitoring, 2015

Afghanistan - Market Price Bulletins, 2015

This monthly bulletin is published based on market data from different sources and aims to alert on latest developments.  Based on consumption patterns in Afghanistan, it includes data of wheat...

Lebanon - Vulnerability Assessment of Syrian Refugees, December 2015

The main objective of Vulnerability Assessment of Syrian Refugees (VASyR) 2015 is to provide an updated multi-sectorial overview of the vulnerability situation of registered Syrian refugees...

Pakistan - Market Price Bulletin, 2015

This report measures the Market conditions using International prices, domestic prices and availability other market indicators.

Yemen - Monthly Market Watch, 2015

Market situation update for Weeks 3 and 4 of December 2015. Key highlights include: During the last two weeks of December 2015, scarcity of basic commodities persisted in many governorates...

Republique Democratique du Congo - Resultats preliminaires de l'enquete de ciblage base sur la vulnerabilite a l'insecurite alimentaire des menages vivant dans les sites de deplacement de la province Nord Kivu, Decembre 2015

L’objectif global de cette évaluation est d’actualiser les informations sur la vulnérabilité à l’insécurité alimentaire des ménages vivant dans les sites des déplacés de la...