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Democratic Republic of Congo - mVAM Bulletin 3: Food Insecurity Rates Stable but at High Levels in Mugunga 3, July 2014

Food  security  situation  in  Mugunga  3 remained  severe  throughout  July:  80.3% of households  were identified as severely food insecure.

Ethiopia Annual Report 2013

WFP in Ethiopia, 2013 Annual Report 

Transfers and Gender - A mixed methods study of the effect of cash, vouchers and food transfers on intra-household relations and intimate partner violence

In 2011, the World Food Programme (WFP) implemented the “Food, Cash, and Voucher Program” in Ecuador to improve food security and also to determine which modality of food assistance was...

Tajikistan - Food Security Monitoring System, 2014

The Food Security Monitoring System (FSMS) provides a seasonal trend of food insecurity in rural Tajikistan by analyzing data from 1,300 rural households across 13 livelihood zones.

DR Congo - mVAM Bulletin 2: Food insecurity persists in Mugunga 3 Camp, June 2014

Food  security  situation  in  Mugunga 3  remained  severe  throughout  June:  80.5%  households  were identified as severely food insecure....

El-Niño and Seasonal Forecasts - Seasonal Outlook for 2014

This note describes the current expectation for an El Niño event and outlines current seasonal forecast information for areas of major WFP interest: An El Niño event is expected to develop from July...

P4P Farmers' Organizations and Capacity Development - Final Consolidated Report

The Final Consolidated Farmers’ Organizations (FOs) and Capacity Development Report provides a snapshot of P4P’s engagement with FOs from 2009 to 2013. P4P engaged with over 830 FOs over...

P4P Partnerships - Final Consolidated Report

The Final Consolidated Partnerships Report provides an overview of P4P’s partnerships from September 2008-December 2013. P4P has engaged in over 500 partnerships over the pilot period, bringing...

P4P’s Women’s Empowerment Pathways: Roadblocks and Successes

Throughout the five year pilot, Purchase for Progress (P4P) has grown from a gender-conscious project to a gender-transformative one, specifically targeting and testing models that benefit women...

Uganda - Karamoja: Situation Update, 2014

Uganda - Karamoja Situation Update, 2014