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Democratic Republic of Congo: Annual Report 2011

A summary of the work of the World Food Programme in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2011.

Rethinking School Feeding - Social Safety Nets, Child Development and the Education Sector (Executive Summary)

This joint publication of the World Food Programme and the World Bank Group provides a new analysis of school feeding programmes. It benefits from combining the World Food Programme...

Two Minutes to Learn About: School Meals

No child should attend school hungry. This is why WFP provides school meals to around 24 million children each year and works closely with governments to support them in creating their own...

School feeding policy - Revised

Promoting innovation to achieve national ownership. This paper updates WFP’s 2009 school feeding policy four years after its approval.

Fact Sheet - School Feeding Programmes in Guinea

In Guinea, 72 precent of the rural schools (3,501 schools) are particularly vulnerable and in need of a school feeding programme. WFP provided in 2013 school meals to 735 rural schools...


School Feeding Factsheet.

The Year in Review, 2012

The year 2012 was dramatic for WFP and for the people we serve. Amidst floods, droughts and war, WFP and its partners distributed 3.5 million metric tons of food assistance to 97.2 million people in...

State of School Feeding Worldwide 2013

The first State of School Feeding Worldwide report, produced by WFP provides a global picture of developments in school feeding, with maps, analysis, and research.

WFP in Africa - 2012 Facts and Figures and Partners

WFP assists African governments and communities to implement comprehensive, country-led, programmes to tackle hunger the world’s greatest solvable problem. In 2012, out of a total US$4.2...

Sudan: An evaluation of WFP's portfolio (2010 - 2012)

This country portfolio evaluation, managed by the WFP Office of Evaluation, covers the period 2010-2012 of WFP operations in Sudan and assesses:  i) the alignment and strategic positioning of...