Rwanda: President Kagame hails P4P

Addressing WFP’s membership and senior staff during his visit to Rome for the World Food Day, the President of Rwanda Paul Kagame highlighted the initiation of P4P in his country.

“The Purchase for Progress programme has several advantages and benefits. It not only brings incomes to farmers, it also encourages private sector participation and builds the farmers’ capacities to be better market players," Kagame said.

In Rwanda, the primary goal of P4P is to support the efforts of the Government to boost agricultural production and to improve the income of smallholder farmers by developing the market. Partners such as IFDC (International Fertilizer Development Center) provide trainings on production and marketing, while WFP’s demand for food commodities provides an initial market for smallholders’ produce.

President Kagame added that the initiative “has the potential to be extended to other crops besides maize, for example wheat, rice and beans, that may be of interest to WFP as well. We would like to work with you in other areas to help farmers reduce post-harvest losses and improve their access to storage systems.”

Agriculture in Rwanda is dominated by small-scale, subsistence-oriented farmers. Due to small farm sizes and limited access to improved practices, overall productivity is low; there is significant potential for enhanced productivity that the Government is keen to pursue. Limited access to improved storage and poor knowledge of storage practices to reduce losses after the harvest are among the main constraints to enhancing smallholder productivity.