5 facts about linking smallholder farmers to markets in Burkina Faso

P4P has assisted smallholders in Burkina Faso to improve post-harvest handling, increase yields and improve crop quality. This has enabled farmers’ organizations to market their surplus to private sector and institutional markets. Continue reading to learn five facts about progress made in Burkina Faso.

The government has started a P4P-like procurement programme.

SONAGESS, the national food reserve of Burkina Faso, has now committed to procuring 30 percent of its food needs from smallholder farmers. Government representatives have also visited Rwanda to learn about Common P4P, the Government of Rwanda’s smallholder-friendly market development programme.

P4P-supported smallholders sold US$ 5.7 million worth of commodities to WFP and other markets.

Crop failures and limited resources have constrained WFP’s ability to buy commodities from P4P-supported smallholders in Burkina Faso. Despite these challenges, small-scale farmers’ organizations have sold some US$ 1.6 million worth of commodities to WFP, and US$ 4.1 million worth of commodities to other private sector and institutional markets.

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New strategies are being used to reduce food losses.

WFP’s action research evaluation trial on “Reducing food losses in sub-Saharan Africa” allowed P4P-supported smallholders in Burkina Faso to significantly reduce food losses during farm-level storage through the use of simple, improved technologies, such as small metal or plastic silos, or hermetic storage bags.

Farmers’ organizations are playing a major part in decision-making.

To improve coordination and collaboration with technical partners, a Stakeholders and Partners Consultation Group was established, in which farmers’ organizations have been active participants. The group is co-chaired by WFP and the government’s Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security.

women farmers burkina faso smallholders p4p wfpWomen make up 50 percent of P4P-supported farmers.

Although women in Burkina Faso require further assistance to market their crops profitably, many have been enabled to participate in P4P. WFP is now emphasizing the procurement of crops traditionally controlled by women, such as cowpeas to increase women’s participation.

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