Spotlight on P4P in El Salvador

P4P-supported smallholder farmers in El Salvador have sold an estimated US$ 2,750,000 (5,866 mt) worth of commodities to sustainable markets including the agroindustry and retail markets. Despite these successes, further efforts are needed to increase national purchases from smallholders, and to support farmers to aggregate and market crops through their organizations. Read the P4P in El Salvador fact sheet to learn more.

P4P in El Salvador focuses on capacity-building and strengthening farmers’ organizations. Due to reduced food assistance requirements, WFP does not constitute a significant market for P4P-supported organizations. Therefore, P4P focuses on strengthening relationships with private sector buyers, including agroindustry and retail markets, and carries out negotiation rounds to teach farmers’ organizations how to meet buyers’ requirements and to negotiate input purchases. Farmers’ organizations have also strengthened relationships with both private sector input suppliers and financial institutions. The Government’s new “Plan de Agricultura Familiar” (PAF), the Family Agriculture Plan, which is inspired by the P4P concept, also presents market opportunities for P4P-supported farmers’ organizations.

Click here to read the two-pager about P4P in El Salvador.


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