Spotlight on P4P in Honduras

Some 84 percent of WFP’s purchases from P4P-supported farmers in Honduras has been used for the government-funded National School Feeding Programme. This programme, which reaches 90 percent of schoolchildren in the country, not only provides smallholders with a sustainable market, but it also promotes attendance and improves nutrition among the pupils. Despite this success, further efforts are needed to more effectively link improved agricultural production to nutrition.

Overview - P4P in Honduras

In Honduras, P4P focuses on providing a stable market to smallholder farmers. The implementation strategy focuses on investing in technology and building the technical capacity of farmers’ organizations (FOs). Infrastructure is created and rehabilitated through equipment provision and upgrading, and farmers have been linked to financial institutions to acquire credit through the use of revolving funds. Capacity development is carried out in postharvest handling and organizational strengthening. WFP offers P4P-supported farmers in Honduras an assured market by purchasing maize and beans to be distributed through the school meals programme.

Download the P4P in Honduras fact sheet to learn more.

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