Purchase for Progress videos

Doña María Elena Pop, leader of the Pocomchí Farmers' Association in Guatemala, speaks about the importance of supporting women's associations and highlights the work of United Nations agencies in this area. Her association is one of those to have already benefited from a joint project involving WFP and sister UN agencies FAO, IFAD and UN Women. The project, Accelerating Progress Towards the Economic Empowerment of Rural Women, aims to improve food security and nutrition for women farmers while helping them boost their income through advanced farming techniques.

American actress Eva Longoria, perhaps best known for her role as Gabrielle in Desperate Housewives, visited rural Honduras this month with philanthropist Howard G. Buffett. On her first visit to Latin America the actress saw first-hand the work of the World Food Programme and its Purchase for Progress (P4P) initiative to which the Howard G. Buffett Foundation is a major donor.


With the help of WFP’s Purchase for Progress programme, over 7,000 farmers in northern Uganda’s Acholi subregion are learning new farming techniques and business skills. By working together, farmers are experiencing better harvests and improved food security.  

WFP's Purchase for Progress (P4P) initiative is generating a wealth of information on connecting smallholder farmers to markets. As the pilot initiative goes into its final year, this video shares important lessons learned and challenges identified to date.

With the help of WFP's Purchase for Progress programme, a group of women in rural Guatemala are learning to become successful commercial farmers, through new farming techniques and greater access to local markets.