Purchase for Progress videos

WFP's Purchase for Progress (P4P) initiative is generating a wealth of information on connecting smallholder farmers to markets. As the pilot initiative goes into its final year, this video shares important lessons learned and challenges identified to date.

With the help of WFP's Purchase for Progress programme, a group of women in rural Guatemala are learning to become successful commercial farmers, through new farming techniques and greater access to local markets. 

Farmers are getting ahead in the southern African country of Malawi by taking part in the Purchase for Progress initiative that helps them grow more and better food that they can sell at local markets. WFP supports the project by buying food at fair market prices, which it uses for aid programmes in other parts of the country.

Working many hours a day in an office far from home, Karla Trujillo was losing touch with her children and with her roots in farming. So she decided to change her life. She gave up her job, went back to the family farm in western El Salvador and began learning how to get more out of farming. The training she received through the Purchase for Progress initiative, coordinated by WFP, has already produced huge dividends - in every part of her life.

P4P is working with partners in 21 countries to connect farmers to markets. Three years into its five year pilot phase, P4P has already changed the way WFP does business.