Purchase for Progress videos

"P4P is a unique opportunity... you can take small farmers, pull them out of poverty and walk away, and they are part of the economy." Howard Buffett, a crucial supporter of WFP's Purchase for Progress initiative, talks about P4P and its goal of connecting smallholder farmers to markets.

P4P in Zambia established a revolving fund for 38 maize shellers that have been distributed in 10 districts on a loan basis. These shellers save farmers’ time, reduce their costs and improve the quality of their crops.

Economist Jeffrey Sachs discusses the Purchase for Progress programme that uses WFP's buying power to connect poor farmers to market.

WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran explains how a pilot project called Purchase for Progress is helping small farmers all over the world gain access to local markets and climb out of poverty.

In Uganda, P4P helps smallholders gain access to markets by expanding the network of collection points and warehouses and by improving the general transport infrastructure. Improved access to markets provides farmers the incentive to invest in production and enables partners to provide trainings.