10 Ways Companies Can Help WFP Fight Hunger

Feeding the billion hungry people in the world today will take commitment from all parts of society. And that includes companies.

ROME -- WFP's Billion for a Billion campaign shows that individuals can make a crucial difference through their single actions. Companies, on the other hand, can produce a valuable 'multiplier effect'  by tapping into their potential for mobilising ever more people.

Companies can reach hundreds or thousands of people through their employees, customers and suppliers. This is one of the reasons why the private sector has an important part to play in fighting hunger worldwide.

The Billion for a Billion campaign in particular offers companies the scope to widen their contribution beyond more traditional channels, such as cash and in-kind donations (for example equipment or expertise).

Companies can support the fight against hunger in many different ways:

  1. Give cash: cash donations are the best kind of support to WFP’s operations, as they allow the most flexibility
  2. Mobilise networks: rallying employees, customers and suppliers to raise funds for WFP’s work
  3. Communicate: raising awareness about the problem of global hunger through campaigns, events, advertising, public relations
  4. Innovate: working with WFP to develop new, affordable and acceptable food products with maximum nutrition impact
  5. On-the-ground research: helping WFP identify and combat malnutrition with targeted interventions
  6. Supply chain expertise: working with WFP to source high quality food locally and regionally for distribution to the remotest parts of the world
  7. Be there in times of need: providing WFP with stand-by staff and logistics support for emergency deployments at a moment’s notice
  8. Lend an expert: making available specialists to help with projects requiring expert knowledge
  9. Sharing cutting-edge knowledge: helping WFP identify and adapt the latest technologies for humanitarian uses
  10. Cause-related marketing: leverage your brands’ power to raise funds for WFP.