3 Syrians Trying To Make It Through The Conflict

After two years of conflict in Syria, more and more families are in need of food assistance. WFP is scaling up to reach 2.5 million people in the country by April, and another 800,000 refugees in neighbouring countries. Here are three examples of how that assistance is helping families to get through the conflict.

DAMASCUS—Two years of bitter conflict in Syria has uprooted hundreds of thousands of people who now have no means to provide for themselves. Food is getting more and more expensive and bread shortages have been reported across the country.    

WFP delivered food assistance to 1.7 million people in Syria with its latest round of food distributions, in areas controlled by the government as well as by the opposition. It will scale up to reach over 2.5 million people by April.

WFP is also providing assistance to around 800,000 refugees who’ve fled across the border to Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq.

Here are three people doing their best to get through the conflict with help of food from WFP.

Souad holding her baby

A mother who lost her home

Souad is a 27-year-old mother whose family lost their home in the conflict. Eking out an existence in an empty building near the battles lines, she and her family are surviving on food provided to them by WFP. Find out more


Houssein Mohammed close-upA chef who lost his restaurant

Hossein Mohammad, a former chef and restaurant owner, fled to Turkey with his wife after being wounded in the fighting. Today, he’s able to make homemade bread with flour he buys with e-vouchers provided to him by WFP. Find out more


the destroyed home of abu omarA family in the dark

Abu Omar also lost his home and now shares two rooms of abandoned building with over 42 of his relatives. At night they huddle together in the dark without heat or electricity, dreaming of the day they can home. Food rations provided by WFP are one of few comforts. Find out more