International Congress of Nutrition '09

The International Congress of Nutrition (ICN 09) was held in Bangkok from October 4 - 9. The theme this year was Nutrition Security for All, which is why WFP sent a delegation of experts to contribute our ideas and experience in this field. Delegation member Tanuja Rastogi sent the following reports from the congress.

9 October 2009

WFP Takes The Stage

Leading minds in nutrition and school feeding took center stage at WFP’s spotlight session to ask, "How do we ensure children's access to quality foods?" Social safety net programs are part of the answer.
7 October 2009

Two Worlds Join

WFP, today, is crossing paths with the international nutrition community that urgently needs to hear our voice, understand our challenges, and know our requirements.
6 October 2009

Focusing On The 'How'

What makes you feel optimistic about the field of nutrition today? I asked this question to a few people today. Bea Rogers, Professor at Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy, leaned over to discuss her thoughts as we sat in a session on “building better nutrition programs”.
5 October 2009

Yes We Will!

Ricardo Uauy, President of the International Union of Nutrition Sciences, urged over 4,000 of the world's leading nutrition experts from 100 nations attending the Congress to move one step further in their battle against global malnutrition today with a 'Yes we can' and 'Yes we will' attitude.

Tanuja Rastogi

In a world that has both the knowledge and the resources to combat hunger, the 19th International Congress of Nutrition aims to provide innovative solutions to the challenges of securing safe and adequate food supply, delivery of basic nutrition and health services, thereby improving the quality of life of peoples and communities around the world.

WFP nutrition expert Tanuja Rastogi is at the congress and gives her individual take on events.


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