Colombia: Displaced Families Redeem "Virtual Vouchers"

In the first week of February 2014, WFP launched massive voucher redemption events in 4 municipalities in Colombia. This photo gallery records the events in Monteria (Cordoba), involving recently displaced Embera-Katío indigenous families, and in Puerto Asis (Putumayo), where more than 300 families benefitted from this voucher programme.


Woman carrying her newborn baby through the grocery storeWFP/William Reina

Embera Woman Redeems a WFP Voucher

A displaced woman and her son of the Embera-Katío indigenous group in Pawando redeems her food voucher at supermarket Exito in the city of Monteria, Cordoba. This WFP voucher programme in Colombia is funded by ECHO (the European Commission - Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection).

Man and his wife handing their food voucher to the cashierWFP/William Reina

At the Cashier of a Partner Supermarket

Indigenous family from Pawando, Cordoba, redeeming their voucher at the cashier. Some of these families do not read nor write, therefore they use their fingerprints to acknowledge the receipt of the food products. Through the WFP partnership with the private sector, beneficiaries redeem their vouchers at supermarket chains Exito and YEP.

Girl smiling waiting in lineWFP/Zaida Marquez

In Line to Purchase Fresh Nutritious Food

This young woman is waiting in line to redeem her "virtual voucher" at supermarket YEP in Puerto Asis, Putumayo (southern Colombia). Throughtout the country, the "virtual vouchers" were assigned to approximately 1,000 families who had been recently displaced within the past 2 years.


Girl signing receiptWFP/Zaida Marquez

Signing the Bill, Redeeming the "Virtual Voucher"

And now she is signing her receipt. Reedeming the WFP "virtual vouchers" is simple. Through this scheme, the ID numbers of selected participants and a list of food products are previously logged into the supermarkets’ system. After picking her food products, she only provided her national ID number to the cashier, passed the products, and signed the receipt. Now she is ready to go home.

Baby girl smiling in a shopping cart

WFP/Zaida Marquz

Accompanying Mommy to Buy Food

This little girl came all the way from Caicedo, a small town near Puerto Asis, in Putumayo (Southern Colombia). The fun part of the visit to Puerto Asis was the ride in the shoping cart while her mom looked for nutritious food products to redeem her WFP "virtual vouchers".


Woman holding her baby and walking with WFP Staff

WFP/Zaida Marquez

Mother and Son

This woman and her baby are waiting for a WFP staff member to provide some cash to pay for the bus ride to her hometown of Caicedo. This additional aid helped her and other beneficiaries leave Puerto Asis with their groceries, which included grains, meat, eggs, cereals, vegetables, fruits, chocolate, pasta and other nutritious foods.

Man smiling as he purchases fruit

WFP/Zaida Marquez

Choosing Fresh Fruits

This man is a native of the Northern coast of Colombia, but he now lives nearby Puerto Asis, located in Southern Colombia. Even after having to traverse the country due to forced displacements, he still keeps a smile on his face. He is come here to exchange his WFP vouchers.

Marina smiling with her young baby

WFP/Zaida Marquez

The EU in Puerto Asis, Putumayo

Marina waited patienly to redeem her assigned WFP "virtual voucher". This "invaluable assistance", as Marina put it, was possible due to a contribution by ECHO and the people of the European Union.

Young boy biting into a passion fruitWFP/Zaida Marquez

Sweet Passion Fruit

This youngster accompanied his mother to redeem their "virtual voucher". He asked her to get lots of sweet passion fruit at the supermarket, as it is his favorite. In his eagerness, he began eating them long before they went to the cashier.

Woman waiting for bus in a crowd of peopleWFP/William Reina

Ready to Return Home

This woman waits for the bus to return to her home in Tierralta, Cordoba. She and more than 100 members of her community spent the day in the department's capital, Monteria, redeeming their WFP "virtual vouchers".