Colombia: Displaced, Founder, and Entrepreneur

Enolfa Jiménez has encountered and faced adversity throughout her life, but has overcome. To consider having been displaced from her community 15 years ago, she has kept her dreams of success and always gives her best. That was how she became founder of “la Asociación de Familias Emprendedoras” (Association of Entrepreneurial families, ASOFEM). Enolfa spoke to us of her experience and of the key role played by the World Food Programme in her community.

BOGOTÁ -- Enolfa Jiménez is an example of leadership in her community. Originally from the rural area of Tierralta, in the department of Córdoba (in the north of Colombia), Enolfa was displaced from her community 15 years ago and had to leave for the city. It was there she decided to become one of the 10 founding members of “la Asociación de Familias Emprendedoras” (Association of Entrepreneurial families, ASOFEM) in the Montevideo neighbourhood, an organization that dedicates itself to the preparation of meat and dairy, and runs a bakery.

ASOFEM began 10 years ago with WFP playing a key role from the start.

“While we were building the bakery WFP offered us groceries under the Food for Work program”, said Enolfa. With an assured source of food, the ladies could focus on building their bakery without having to worry about how to feed their families.

This was how the on-going collaboration between WFP and Enolfa started. She and her family were beneficiaries of an Operation of Prolonged aid and recovery (OPSR) project focused on supporting pregnant and breast feeding mothers, and providing school meals for their children. It was after receiving this support that Enolfa decided she wanted to give more to mothers like her.

Enolfa is also a member oEnolfa and another woman in the kitchenf the food oversight comittee, assisting in the control and monitoring of deliveries in the bakery. WFP uses local businesses as storage centres for food that will be delivered to the community.

As a test of the strength of their business, Enolfa and her colleagues from ASOFEM have expanded their line of business to include event catering. ASOFEM recently organized the logistics of an event for the National Agency for Overcoming Extreme Poverty (ANSPE) and WFP.

Over the years, the association has become an active partner of WFP, thanks to the tenacity of its members and the leadership of women like Enolfa who insists that without the presence and support of WFP her story would have been very different.

“Imagine what would have happened if we had not received this help (…) WFP has had a huge impact in Tierralta. This has enabled the development of our children and of the community”, affirmed Enolfa.