Davos: Day 2 Round-Up

For WFP, Davos Day 2 was littered with smart ideas, live interviews and Corn Soya Blend. (For more, see our Davos page)

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon speaking at  WFP Conference in DavosA day in Davos is more than the sum of its 24 hours.  You can have more high-powered meetings and churn through more policy discussions than could normally be accomplished in a week.

For us at WFP, the day started with a visit by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to our tent, where he led a session on water. He also stressed to journalists that the food crisis is certainly not over.

Then there was the “Nutrition Breakfast”. CEOs of several global food companies came to the WFP Tent for a brainstorming session aimed at finding new solutions to malnutrition around the world. 

Josette Sheeran crammed in a bunch of interviews between her meetings. At 8 am, she did one with Reuters Television, for their Davos Today programme. She did a live with CNN’s Charles Hodson at noon. After that, there was another live with the BBC World Service.

A lot of useful talking at Davos happens at the Congress Centre, the nerve-centre of the World Economic Forum. In a short space of time conversations were had with Carl Bildt, the Swedish Foreign Minister;  Arianna Huffington, Editor of the Huffington Post; Ann Venemen, Executive Director of UNICEF; and Simon Maxwell, the highly-respected Director of the Overseas Development Institute. 

The afternoon was a succession of meetings, while staff prepared for the evening’s main event: a dinner for more than 60 political and business leaders hosted by Ms. Sheeran and Peter Bakker, CEO of our Dutch donor TNT. 

The dinner was to honor King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as “Champion in the Battle Against Hunger” for 2008. Among the items on the menu: a taste of CSB, a high-nutrient blend of corn and soya that is a major component of WFP’s supplementary feeding programmes for malnourished children.