El Salvador: Food For 12,500 People Affected by Drought

As part of the emergency response, WFP provided food assistance during December 2012 to 911 families who depend on agriculture for subsistence. Their harvest was affected by the drought that hit the eastern part of the country last year.

SAN SALVADOR –Between October and November 2012, the NGO OXFAM America began a study of the impacts of the drought. Data was collected in various municipalities of the country, making it possible to identify affected areas and target food assistance.
The active presence of OXFAM in the area allowed them to identify more beneficiaries, increasing the number to 2,500 families. This February, WFP, together with OXFAM, began a second distribution of food.

The general distributions of food are carried out in 54 communities in the municipalities of: San Luis La Herradura, in La Paz; San Antonio del Mosco, in San Miguel; Cacaopera, Morazán; Berlín, Jucuarán, Concepción Batres, Puerto El Triunfo and Alegría, in Usulután and in Conchagua, La Unión.
The food rations for these families include corn, rice, beans and vegetable oil. The WFP has designed a new distribution for the population in ordinance with OXFAM.