Everyone was worried when I was pregnant

When we walked into the yard there was an old traditional Korean house with a roof of black stone, where Han Kyong Suk welcomed us and invited us into her home.

Kyong Suk (35), her husband and their two-month-old son Kim Ji Un live in Pukchong county, South Hamgyong province. She invited us to sit down on the floor, as is the custom, and quickly began to thank WFP not only for the Super Cereal she has received, but also for our visit to her home. Her baby boy was sleeping on the floor, so we started our interview by almost whispering so as not to wake him up. But Kyong Suk was so excited about our visit and our questions about the family’s food intake, that she began to speak quite loudly.

“I delivered my first baby at an old age." she said. (Korean women usually have their first child between the ages of 24-26.)  "The first period of pregnancy was really hard. I was seriously unwell and I was weak. I wasn’t interested in eating anything. My family was worried for me.

"When I started to receive food assistance from WFP, things started to change. I regained my appetite. I made bread with Cereal Milk blend  (CMB) and  soups with the maize. I ate all the food from WFP in the last period of my pregnancy. Finally, I was able to give birth to a healthy boy weighing 3.5 kg. My breast milk was enough to feed my child because of the nutritious food. My boy is healthy and enjoys his breast milk. People were so surprised. My mother-in-law, was so happy and glad that I gave birth to a healthy grandson.

"I cannot find the right words to say thank you for this help. I thank you from my heart.”

When we finished our interview her son woke up, so we had the opportunity to take a photo of mother and son together. "My son also wants to thank WFP, so he woke up!" said Kyong Suk.

Story told by Narangel Chimedtseren