Feeding 7 Billion People: 7 Must-Reads

The world population now stands at 7 billion and one in seven of these people is already hungry. By 2050 the population is expected to reach 9 billion. What does that mean for food security and hunger? If you want to read up on it and form an opinion, here are seven 'must-read' articles that explore the issues.


1. The 9 Billion People Question 

The Economist

This article tries to get to the bottom of the crucial question:  will there be enough food for everyone on earth in 2050?

2. Can the World Feed 10 Billion People?

Foreign Policy
With a rising global population and Africa's numbers set to triple, several experts discuss how to feed the masses.

3. Why Current Population Growth is Costing Us the Earth 

The Guardian
World population is rising and some argue our ability to sustain life is shrinking. Here's one view on  how we should adapt.

4. Food Ark

National Geographic
To feed the growing population, we need to increase food production. Beautifully illustrated, this package looks at the steps.

5. With 7 Billion on Earth, a Huge Task Before Us 

Jeffrey Sachs, Director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University explains the crucial importance of women and technology.

6. World Population Nears 7 Billion: Can We Handle It? 

Rising energy and food prices are among the causes for the 925 million people undernourished. They will continue to be factors.

7. Save and Grow

UN Food and Agriculture Organization
This interactive package from our sister agency offers an accessible look at how to boost smallholder crop production.


(NB. These articles contain a range of opinions on the future of food security. WFP does not necessarily endorse all of them. The idea is to provoke thought and discussion)