Honduras: Ficohsa Foundation Delivers Recognition to WFP

The Ficohsa Foundation for children education celebrated their 15 years of success. Accompanying them in the celebrations were the institutions and people who have contributed significantly to help reach great achievements in preschool education.

TEGUCIGALPA. - As part of the celebration, Ficohsa Foundation recognized the WFP representative in Honduras, Pasqualina Di Sirio, for the 13 year comradeship between the organizations

 “On behalf of my WFP–Honduras colleagues, I appreciate this recognition. It is a real honor for WFP to work and collaborate with a private company committed to our country’s children.  For this, we thank the executives, personnel, and the volunteers of the whole Ficohsa Financial group. They have chosen to dedicate themselves to bettering the present and future of Honduras, which begins with the education of the children”, expressed the WFP representative, Pasqualina Di Sirio.

The President of Ficohsa Foundation, Leonel Giannini, thanked WFP for all the work they have done over the past 13 years. He remarked that this alliance has assisted the Foundation tremendously in pre-schools across the country. Where the average of attendance has increased to 97%, school dropout has decreased 89%, and the permanent attendance rate of boys and girls has increased 98%.

Through this alliance of WFP and Ficohsa, the food that WFP provides forms a portion of the school meals and it is distributed to 139 pre-schools.  More than 8,400 children benefit from this contribution.