Honduras: Grain Storage Centre Will Benefit Small Holder Farmers in Yoro

More than 660 small holder farmers, of which 29% are women, will benefit from this new storage facility located in the municipality of Yoro.

WFP Representative, Pasqualina Di Sirio, the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Jacobo Reglado, the Mayor of Yoro, Arnaldo Urbina, and the Governor of the department of Yoro, Edy Chacon, inaugurated a grain storage centre that will service the Union of Organizations of Yoro (UNIOYOL) in the community of El Medio in the Yoro Municipality, located in northern Honduras,.

This storage facility has the operating capacity of 8.5 tons per hour and is part of the support that UNIOYOL has received from the Purchase for Progress (P4P) initiative that WFP has implemented in Honduras with the help of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock. This storage facility will benefit 36 organizations of small holder producers from the municipalities of Sulaco, Yorito, and Yoro located in the Yoro Department; which they have, altogether, a capacity to produce annually some 6.100 Metric Tons of corn and 1.300 Metric Tons of beans.

To date, the World Food Programme (WFP) has invested through P4P some US$448.000 to assist small holder farmers that are members of UNIOYOL to help them strengthen at productive, organizational, managerial, and financial level.

All these efforts have been reflected in the growing commercial capacities of UNIOYOL, which has established purchase and selling agreements of basic grains for the amount of US$650.000, benefiting more than 660 families in the Yoro department.