Hope For Afghanistan Landside Survivors

Within less than 24 hours, WFP was on the scene in Badakhshan to bring food assistance to those who lost everything in a catastrophic landslide.

Every year, the rugged, beautiful Badakshan region in northern Afghanistan is hit by avalanches and floods… this year, a devastating landslide came to the district of Argo.

No one knows how many people died, but no one can deny the catastrophic impact of the cascade of mud, which buried an entire wedding party, and many others in the village of Ab-e-Barik.

Within less than 24 hours, WFP had dispatched emergency food supplies, to be distributed to those worst affected – some who had lost their homes, others for whom returning to their homes remains simply too dangerous.

 “It was around 10 am... We were all at a wedding when a small landslide happened,” 45-year-old Abdullah recalls. “It hit a number of houses, and we all ran to rescue those under the mud. We were there and the hill stopped moving, but then a much bigger landslide happened and covered the whole village and the rescuers… I woke up in a hospital in Faizabad.”

The villagers have received a two-month supply of wheat and cooking oil from WFP, to be supplemented by pulses and salt.

“We really appreciate the assistance from WFP,” says Abdullah. “They were the first to respond. In this painful situation, WFP has been with us from the very beginning.”

In the coming weeks and months, WFP will be working with the local authorities to ensure continued support to those that need it – either in continued emergency food assistance, or through projects designed to help villagers rebuild their lives and their community.