How Big Business Could Best Play a Part in Fighting Hunger

 A Discussion from Facebook

In one of our Facebook posts in the run-up to WEF, we asked you how big business could best play a part in fighting hunger around the world. The responses were fascinating, and have prompted discussions here in Jakarta. Here are a few of the ideas that came our way – 

Rose Verdurmen: By using their knowledge and skills businesses can help. Map out local needs and possible gaps and find the private sector partners that could help bridging the gap.

Baco Ve: Put some publicity in the added value of businesses being socially responsible so that the consumers know if they bought locally and paid fair prices. ..Esp. like if they supported women entrepreneurs, etc. Maybe be even tax cuts for those businesses. I think the consumers need to play a bigger part, so let’s let them know what companies are doing.

Korin Metz : Setting up a donation opportunity for employees that the business offers to match up to a certain amount is a good way to help

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