Howard Buffett Publishes Portraits Of Human Fragility

Published on 16 October 2009

"These portraits are the reason why we must not rest in the comfort of our freedom," said Bono after reading the poignant portraits in ‘Fragile: the Human Condition’, the new book by WFP’s Ambassador Against Hunger, Howard G Buffett.

ROME -- Photographer, farmer, philanthropist and World Food Programme Ambassador Against Hunger -- Howard G Buffett is all of these and more. His new book, called Fragile: The Human Condition, brings together personal stories and compelling images of people for whom the world is a fragile experience.

Compiled in 64 countries as part of a personal journey that started when the author was five years old, Fragile paints a vivid – and sometimes painful – picture of what happens when the world fails to meet the basic needs of its most vulnerable people. 

“Please don’t forget me. Please don’t let the world forget us," an old man said to Buffett, when he was in Chad a few miles away from the Sudanese border. This book is honouring this request. With contributions from Bono and Shakira, Fragile aims to raise awareness about those who face poverty, hunger and desperation, in the hope that knowledge will lead to change.

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Laura Melo

Public Information Officer

A Portuguese national, Laura Melo joined WFP in 2001 as a Public Affairs Officer working in Eastern Africa. Her career at WFP followed 10 years as a BBC journalist in London where she covered world affairs with particular emphasis on Africa.