PLB in Action - Improved school meals in Indonesia

 Project Laser Beam in Indonesia

In the Timur Tengah Selatan (TTS) district of Indonesia, Unilever, DSM and Kraft have teamed up to improve the existing school meals programme by providing micronutrient powders and nutrition education to augment the rations of ground maize and mung beans, initially in 20 schools. 

Training in dietary diversity, cooking practices and health and hygiene practices are also part of the improved ‘package’ to be delivered through PLB. 

Timur Tengah Selatan young girl smiling and eating a high energy biscuit

A separate School Meals programme funded by Unilever is planned to cover 60 more schools (40 in TTS and 20 in Kupang with a targeted mix of food and training), bringing the total number of children assisted to over 17,000.  

There are also plans to train local farmers in food processing for use in the schools, and to provide a milling machine. This programme will ensure these children have the nutrition they need to thrive and learn.