Breaking Stones For Food

Lazuwa Nyamawi is 14 years old. After school, she spends hours chipping away at large stones with a heavy hammer. The stones break slowly into smaller pieces. 

Since their crops failed, Lazuwa’s family needs to earn more money to buy food from the shops. Lazuwa needs to work longer hours every day, so her family can eat their one meal a day.  

Every three weeks or so, a truck from a building company usually comes to buy the piles of rough gravel that she and her family have made. The company pays about $40 per truck, which means that the people here earn around $3 per month for back breaking work. 

"Last season was good, not like this. Now we are just eating porridge once a day," Lazuwa says.

Each day Lazuwa takes about three hours to fetch water from the river, which is getting drier by the day.  It is the only source of water for the family, and they are worried that along with the struggle to find food, they will also fight to find enough water.