Liechtenstein Supports 100,000 Nursery School Children in DPR Korea

In late 2012, Liechtenstein provided support to WFP’s operation aiming at providing nutritional assistance to small children in DPR Korea. The contribution enabled WFP to reach nearly 100,000 young children for one month.

Lichtenstein's US$108,000 contribution was used to procure 174 metric tons of maize. Along with other ingredients, the maize was transformed into Super Cereal – a blended food enriched with vitamins and minerals - which was given as nutritional assistance to children in nurseries aged between 6-48 months.

The impact of Liechtenstein’s contribution is considerable. A total of 99,231 children in South Hwanghae and South Pyongan Provinces received Super Cereal rations for one month. The contribution from Liechtenstein means that for every citizen of Liechtenstein, nearly three children in DPR Korea received Super Cereal rations every day for one month.

WFP has been operating in DPR Korea since 1995, providing assistance to the most vulnerable children and women in the country. The provided fortified blended food (Super Cereal) is a key source of vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins in the diets of the children. More than 30 percent of the children under five years of age in South Hwanghae and South Pyongan provinces are stunted (too small for their age) – a consequence of prolonged hunger and a lack of access to nutritious foods.

(Written by Nanna Skau)