Nicaragua: Producing their own food in El Limón

The community of El Limon is located in the dry corridor of northern Nicaragua. It has  total population of 532 people, who main source of income is family farming and daily wage labourers in neighboring farms.

María de los Angeles Reyes and her family work three plots of land; one they own and the other two they rent. Maria Reyes and another 24 families in El Limon, participated in the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry´s (MAGFOR) Food Productive Bonus programme, which is supported by WFP and local partners through food-for-assets activities.

The programme has improved the living conditions of families in El Limon. Through the  Food Productive Bonus, Reyes has received chickens, a rooster, a pig, a bred cow and fruit trees (mangos, oranges and tangerines), as well as training.

Further, with the support of the government and WFP Reyes and her family began a family garden and has planted radishes, cucumbers, squash, peppers, tomatoes, onions, carrots, cassava and a variety of fruit trees. This garden will help provide a diverse diet for the family.

Moreover, the family have placed 4 level bounds on their plots, each one 25 meters long, to prevent soil erosion  and improve crop yields.

Through this project Reyes has received training in animal and plant care. She has started to participate in local trade fairs in order to sell the products from her patio. She also uses the fruits that she grows to make jam, which is sold in shops in her local community and surrounding areas.