Nicaragua: WFP and SINAPRED Build a Warehouse to store Food

The World Food Programme (WFP) and the National System for Disaster Prevention, Mitigation and Relief (SINAPRED), Nicaragua’s Civil Defence, have joined forces to build a warehouse to store food and other essential inputs as a   precautionary measure to be ready to assist in the event of an emergency. 

The 316 square meter building will have the capacity to store 500 metric tons and includes an office for the personal in charge of the supervision and management of the facility.  It is currently being constructed at km 7 on the Pan-American Highway, on SINAPRED property.

The construction of the warehouse has a total value of $95,000, of which WFP contributed $80,000. Besides its strategic location on one of the main access roads to the capital, this warehouse is being built to meet all the quality standards to ensure proper food storage.

"The construction of this warehouse is to further provide support to the Government of Nicaragua, to respond effectively and immediately to disaster affected populations by storing food in a strategic location and safe conditions” Said WFP Representative to Nicaragua,  Helmut W. Rauch.

WFP warehouse constructionThis Project is within the framework of the agreement signed between WFP and the Executive Secretariat of the National System for Disaster Prevention, Mitigation and Relief (SE-SINAPRED) in 2011.  The objective is to coordinate plans of action to assist families in the event of a disaster in Nicaragua.  

In this regard, WFP provides technical assistance and capacity building to SINAPRED members through training workshops on topics such as the development of Food Security Assessment in Emergencies (EFSA), handling and storage of food in emergencies, tender procedure for transport, among others.