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Online Game “Food Force” Puts Players On Front Lines Of Hunger

Food Force is a game on Facebook which puts players at the helm of the world's biggest humanitarian aid agency. Start playing Food Force

WFP and KONAMI Digital Entertainment have teamed up to create an online game with a real-world impact. Food Force puts players at the helm of the world’s largest humanitarian aid agency. It combines the multiplayer fun of other popular social media games with the ability to provide real meals to hungry children around the globe. Start playing Food Force!

ROME – Food Force puts gamers in charge of their own aid agencies, fighting hunger around the globe as they deliver food, respond to emergencies and manage their resources.

Food Force packs all of the strategy and networking elements key to the success of other social media games while also allowing players the chance to make a real difference in the lives of hungry children.

“KONAMI has created a challenging game that we hope will harness the immense power of social media to raise awareness and funds for the hungry,” said Nancy Roman, Director of WFP’s Communications, Public Policy and Private Partnership Division.

Start Playing Food Force!

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Click on the link above to install the Food Force game on Facebook

Social media driven

Like many other popular online games, players access the game through the social networking site Facebook. They must interact with each other in order to get ahead, which they can also do by buying crops, equipment and other virtual goods.

Money spent by players goes to fund WFP school meals projects in the real world. These projects provide daily meals to 20 million children every year, helping to keep them in school while providing them with the energy they need to learn.

This is the second version of Food Force following the 2005 original, a video game which simulated an emergency operation on a fictitious island.

An instant hit, the original version of the game has so far been downloaded over 6 million times and been played by an estimated 10 million people.

“The social media and gaming landscape has been transformed since the original Food Force and now there is great scope for a game that allows players to grow and strengthen their networks while doing good,” said Roman.


WFP’s relationship with KONAMI dates back to 2005 when it collaborated with KONAMI to produce the Japanese version of the original Food Force for PC.

“KONAMI will utilize the unique features of social games for its release of Food Force on Facebook. Through this title, we hope that people in Japan and across the globe not only strengthen their understanding of WFP’s work but also support their worldwide efforts against hunger while enjoying an accessible social game,” said Kazuhiko Uehara, Senior Vice President, Corporate Officer of KONAMI.

The game has been released in both Japanese and English.