Tropical Storm Beta dissipates over Nicaragua


  • On the night of 30 October, tropical storm Beta dissipated over Nicaragua.
  • The National System of Disaster Prevention (SINAPRED) and the National Civil Defense inform that as of 31 October, a total of 1,057 families (5,836 persons) remained in 29 shelters mainly in the Southern Atlantic Region (RAAS) and North Central part of the country.
  • This number of families is expected to vary as some people are returning home and some others are still being evacuated to shelters already activated due to the swelling of riverbanks in those regions, especially in the Waspam area, where there was already an emergency situation.
  • Preliminary reports also indicate that no deaths have been associated with the path of Beta. One person has been reported wounded and seven missing. A total of 49 houses were completely destroyed; another 285 homes, 4 school centres, 3 health centres, 1 canteen and 5 churches were partly damaged in the municipalities of Laguna de Perlas and Desembocadura de Río Grande, in the RAAS.
  • Additionally, some 10 hectares of crops (yucca, rice and plantain) were lost.
  • Airports in both the Atlantic Regions of the country continue to be closed for commercial flights. They are expected to be reopened within the next hours.

Pipeline and food supplies

  • 100 metric tons of food from Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation (PRRO) 10212.0 stocks are pre-positioned in the region in case WFP’s assistance is needed in those areas affected by Beta.
  • Since PRRO 10212.0 resources have been used to be able to respond to other emergencies (rat infestation in Waspam), the operation urgently needs resources to continue to provide assistance to families living in areas vulnerable to recurrent shocks.


  • A recent Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping (VAM) food security and livelihood survey in the Autonomous Atlantic Regions of Nicaragua is giving WFP key baseline information regarding the impact of the hurricane on the food security and livelihood situation of the affected population.


  • WFP will resume food assistance (PRRO 10212.0 relief component) to those communities affected by the loss of harvests (due to rat infestations) in the municipality of Waspam, in the Northern Atlantic Region of the country (RAAN).
  • 74 metric tons of food will be distributed in 14 communities to some 890 families (4,450 persons).
  • Food distributions had been interrupted for security reasons while Hurricane Beta threatened Nicaragua.


  • Riverbanks are reported to have risen considerably and some roads to be cut off, mainly in the Southern Atlantic Region. Thus, logistics challenges are foreseen for the delivery of humanitarian aid. As soon as it is safe to travel, a WFP logistician will travel to Bluefields to help coordinate the upcoming relief interventions.

Coordination / External Relations

  • An inter-agency team, under the coordination of the UN Disaster Assessment and Coordination team (UNDAC), carried out an air reconnaissance of the affected areas. However, due to prevailing bad weather, the mission had to return to Managua.