Two Years On: WFP Stands By People Of Syria

After two years of conflict in Syria, Muhannad Hadi, the head of WFP's emergency operation, explains what has been done to meet the hunger needs of Syrian families affected by the fighting. He also underlines that, despite the logistical and security challenges, the organization is determined to stand by the people of Syria until the crisis is over.

Life near the battle lines

Souad and her son

Souad and her son are eking out an existence in an empty building near the battles lines in northern Syria. Find out about her and other people WFP has been assisting.
Making It Through The Conflict

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Syria operation: key facts 

1.7 million people inside Syria received WFP food in the most recent round of distributions and we are scaling up food assistance to reach 2.5 million in the country in coming months 

• Since the start of emergency operations in August 2011 we have distributed over 83,000 metric tons of food to Syrians in over 400 different locations across the country, using 5,000 trucks and 55 ships. 

• WFP reaches opposition- and government-controlled areas. Control in contested areas shifts constantly. In January, half a million Syrians in opposition-controlled and contested areas received WFP food boxes. 

• WFP has distributed over one million food vouchers and half a million food parcels to Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt.

• WFP needs an immediate US$156 million to continue to provide vital food to Syrians affected by the conflict until June.