Walk the World: The Origins

Walk the World: The Back Story

On 22 June 2003, over 4,500 TNT employees in ten Asian countries walked together in support of WFP’s work against child hunger. 

The idea of walking together was inspired by the millions of poor children around the world who walk several kilometres to school every day – often hungry and barefoot – determined to get nutritious food and an education. WFP provides foods to tens of millions of such children every day through its school meals programmes, and it was precisely these programmes that TNT wanted to support. 

TNT Asia's Walk in 2003 caught the attention of the top management of the company, who decided to take the event to their employees globally the following year – literally Walking the World.

The Walk has come a long way since then. Over one million people have walked the world, in almost every country on the planet. People have walked through the ancient ruins of Rome, down the Great Wall of China, past the Egyptian pyramids. People have walked the dusty streets of Sierra Leone and the village tracks of Malawi, people have climbed the snowy peaks of Mount Everest. The poorest of the poor have walked with us, and so have kings, queens and princesses. Artists, intellectuals, political leaders, sports champions, movie stars have all walked. 

Walking alongside WFP, Walk the World 2009 will be not just TNT, but also employees, friends and family from Unilever and DSM, who are also sponsoring WFP’s school feeding programmes.