WFP Honours Exceptional Staff in Libya, Sudan, Kenya and Japan

WFP today paid tribute to staffers who showed exceptional dedication last year as they dealt with dramatic humanitarian emergencies in Libya, Sudan, the Horn of Africa and Japan.

Praising the ‘selflessness’ and ‘courage’ of the staff members, Executive Director Josette Sheeran presented Awards of Merit to the following:

• the Libyan national team which found itself on the frontlines of bitter conflict during the Libyan uprising but continued to provide food to the thousands caught up in the fighting.

• The staff of the Kadugli sub-office in southern Sudan who staged a daring escape from a battle zone for their families and fellow aid workers and then stayed behind to distribute food.

• The special operations team which rushed to Japan in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami and worked tirelessly to provide logistics equipment and muscle to the relief operations.

• The staff of the sub-office at the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya, which saw its population swell rapidly during the Somalia famine as desperately hungry families streamed over the border.

WFP honours the work of staffers every year, highlighting examples of devotion to fighting hunger and humanitarian principles.