WFP Jordan Distributes Hot Meals To Syrian Refugees

In response to the Syrian emergency, WFP Jordan started on 19 April hot meals distribution for 1,000 Syrian refugees living in guest houses in two locations in Ramtha on the Jordanian Syrian border.  Over one year of crisis in Syria has caused a deterioration of living conditions.

As the conflict in Syria continues, notably in areas of security operations such as the cities of Homs, Dara’a and Hama, large numbers of Syrians have sought sanctuary in neighboring countries, especially Jordan, where it is estimated that around 20,000 Syrians are in need of immediate assistance. 

A WFP lead joint assessment is under way and will be finalized shortly. 

WFP Jordan responded immediately with food assistance for the Syrians in Jordan. It was also the first country in the region to provide hot meals on a daily basis in two locations.  WFP plans to assist an additional 15,000 beneficiaries with dry rations from next week.

offloading bags of wfp food and suppliesJordan has maintained an open borders policy for Syrians crossing into the country and seeking asylum; therefore, a large number of Syrians are flowing into Jordan.  To accommodate the rising number, the Government is extending facilities for accommodating them, often in guest houses.

The  Syrians arriving in Jordan have been suffering economic hardship for over a year. These hardships were the result of the direct impact of the conflict on their livelihood as well as the economic sanctions. 

The combination of conflict and sanctions have had a direct impact on household food security. The Syrians arriving in Jordan come with little assets and cash to sustain their needs. The cost of living in Jordan is much higher than in Syria.  Most Syrians have taken shelter in low cost urban dwellings or live with host families under difficult circumstances. 

WFP is gearing up its operation with an emergency operation to assist the most vulnerable people.