WFP Reaches Out to More Hungry People in Gaza

As the crisis in Gaza enters its second month, WFP is reaching out to more hungry people through daily food distributions, and free school meals for children.

WFP has distributed two month rations to around 220,000 of the 365,000 people it is targeting for food assistance in Gaza. In addition it is providing food to children who have returned to school, and has handed out emergency rations including bread, high energy biscuits and date bars to more than 150,000 others.  

One of the many challenges facing WFP's operation is the build up of trucks carrying food assistance that have been held up due to congestion at the border between Israel and Gaza.

To ensure WFP’s ability to provide food assistance throughout Gaza over the coming months, it is vital that all crossing points into Gaza are opened and remain open, and for congestion at the Egypt-Israel crossing point to be eased, so that food stocks can be augmented and replenished.

With the world’s attention currently focused on Gaza, WFP remains concerned about the plight of the people of the West Bank, where we are providing food assistance to 400,000 vulnerable non-refugee Palestinians, and WFP is appealing to the donor community to remember the West Bank when contributing to our operations in the oPt.

So far, WFP has only received around US$12 million out of the more than US$80 million it requires for its emergency operation in Gaza.

Operational details 

  • Since 27 December, WFP has delivered some 5,130 tons of food, including loans to UNRWA of 630 tons of wheat flour, into Gaza, where we now have stocks of some 4,000 tons – about 70 percent of our full capacity. This would be enough food to feed our potential caseload of 365,000 beneficiaries for approximately three weeks.
  • WFP has increased the daily ration from 1,400 kcal to 2,100 kcal, further reducing the period that stocks will last. 
  • Since 26 January, WFP has had extremely limited access for cargoes into Gaza through the Kerem Shalom crossing, causing a considerable backlog for planned deliveries. For the third consecutive day, 37 trucks loaded with 1,110 tons of commodities have been waiting to cross.
  • A total of 24,000 MREs delivered to Gaza last weekend will be distributed by WFP to hospitals and shelters over the coming days.